The Goodliffe Family of Lambley Lodge, Belton in the County of Rutland

The Froggatt - Goodliffe Connection

Arnold Goodliffe (1807-1888) was my great-great grandfather. His youngest daughter, Sarah, married William Froggatt in 1867 in Nottingham. The story of William is told elsewhere on this website.

I began to record some information about Arnold and his family, orginally based around a typescript copy of his family Memoirs - "The Story of My Life". These memoirs were written by Arnold in 1887 just before he died in 1888, and contain a wealth of memories about his family and his life. Since then, the original copy of the Memoir has been found, and copies of both the typescript and the original can be accessed on this website.

My knowledge of the extended family has grown too, and there is an extensive record here of the GOODLIFFE family, especially from Thomas and Ann (CURTIS) onwards. I am sure there is more information, so if you have something of interest, especially photographs, please contact me.

You can access Arnold's memoirs here.

The Goodliffe Family History

Where does it start?

Delving into the Goodliffe tree is not new. Arnold set out some of it in his memoirs in 1887. The most extensive tree was drawn up by Frank Arnold Goodliffe, of Lambley Lodge, Horsham, Sussex in April 1933. Frank was the great-grandson of Arnold (1807-1888). His diagram is a distinctive series of lines, recording births, marriages and deaths, but only the names of the male children are recorded on it. There is another version of this chart, slightly redrawn in places and clearer than my copy of the blueprint, that can be seen here.

These charts go back to William Ye Elder and his wife Elizabeth (GODFREY). William's grandmother (Martha) died in Belton in June 1711 and this is the first record of a GOODLIFFE in Rutland. Assuming this is the Martha recorded as the mother of several births in Gretton, Northants, then we can link the Belton and Gretton families. There are many versions of the Goodliffe family history on the Internet which appear to have made this assumption, but there is no conclusive evidence for the link.

So, assuming the Martha who died in Belton is the same Martha WORTH who married Thomas Goodliffe in Gretton, she was widowed in Gretton in May 1692. Soon after this she moved to Belton in Rutland. It is likely that Martha was forced to move back to Belton as the Gretton Church was not prepared to support her. We can then draw up this tree, linking back to Lion GOODLIFFE in Gretton.

              |                                      |                           |
           Isabell==============v==============Lion GOODLIFFE=======v=======Alice WRIGHT
                                |                 ?-1606            |        ?-1630/31
                                |                                   |
       |------------|-----------|--------------|----------|         |--------------|
     Thomas     Elizabeth     Alice       Christopher    John     Robert          Ann
       |         1581-        1584-        1586-1654   1589-       1594-         1598-
       |                                     |
     m:1594                                  m:
    Alice COOPER                          Margery
       |                                     |
       |                                     |-----------|
       |                                 Christopher   Thomas
     Thomas    Lawrence      Elizabeth       Marye      Ann       John
     1614-       1617-                      1624/5-    1627-    1629/30-
       |                                                           |
      m:                                                          m:
     Anne                                                        Cecily
       |                                                           |
       |                                                          Ann
    Thomas     John     William     Ann     Mary     Alice     Robert     Michael
   1650-1692  1652-     1653-     1657-    1660-    1663-      1666-      1669-
       |         |                                     |                     |
     m:1687      m:                                   m:1692                m:1700
 Martha WORTH Elizabeth                            Thomas BURD           Mary EMERY
     Thomas             William      Robert
     1688-             1690-1738     1693-
       |                   |
     m:1719              m:1713
 Martha CLARE       Elizabeth GODFREY
     William     Jane  Elizabeth   John      Thomas         Sarah   Richard   Alice
    1715-1797    1717-   1719-     1720-    1722-1810       1724-    1726-    1738-
        |                            |          |             |                 |
       m:                           m:        m:1754        m:1748            m:1762
     Frances                       Mary     Ann CURTIS Benjamin BROOME   James STRICKLING
                                           Lambley Lodge

Thomas Goodliffe (28 Dec 1722 - 28 Jul 1810) married Ann CURTIS on 25 Feb 1754 at Wardley, Rutland. They had five children: Thomas, William, Elizabeth, Ann and Sarah. A transcript (in PDF format) of Thomas' Will, dated 15 Sept 1800 can be viewed here.

Arnold recalls in his memoirs that his family had lived at Lambley Lodge for about 200 years. (There is more information about Lambley Lodge here). Lambley Lodge is near to the Village of Belton in the County of Rutland. The family events are recorded at the parish church of St Peters in Belton. There is information and photographs about St Peters Church, Belton, where many of the Goodliffe family are buried.

                   Lion GOODLIFFE
                         |                                   |
                  Thomas GOODLIFFE===========v===========Ann CURTIS
                     1722-1810              1754         1726-1792
                                           Thomas     William     Elizabeth         Ann         Sarah 
                                         1756-1829     1759-         |               |            |
                                             |                       |               |            |
                                           m:1791                  m:1782          m:1792        m:
                                         Mary ARNOLD           Stephen BLACK  William CURTIS  George ROYCE
 Elizabeth    Mary     Thomas     Anna      John    William    James     William     Mary    Daniel    Arnold     Sarah
 1792-1830 1793-1793 1794-1816 1796-1886 1798-1864 1799-1799 1800-1868  1801-1854 1803-1825 1805-1890 1807-1888 1809-1885
     |         |         |         |         |         |         |          |         |         |        |          |
    m:         -         -        m:       m:1832      -       m:1823     m:1823      -       m:1830   m:1830      m:
   Samuel                         John    Elizabeth          Elizabeth    Bridget              Mary     Ann       James
  RICHMOND                       CULPIN    STOKES             ANDREWS  NEWBOLD/MAJOR          ATKIN    SPEED     ANDREWS
    |                              |         |                   |          |                   |        |          |

The Children of Thomas Goodliffe and Mary Arnold of Lambley Lodge, Belton in Rutland

Copy of the painting of Mary Goodliffe (nee Arnold) painted by Mr James of Nottingham in 1848, when Mary was in her 78th year. (Do you know where the orginal is now?)
Memorial plaque for Thomas and Mary Goodliffe in the Baptist Church, Barrowden, Rutland. Arnold (their son) reports in his memoirs that he arranged for this plaque to be built and installed after Mary's death. (Photo by Keith Rippin)
Headstone of Thomas and Anna. Inscription on left reads: "In Memory of Thos Goodliffe of Lamley Lodge who departed this life July 28 1816 aged 88" Inscription on right reads "In Memory of ANNA, wife of Thos Goodliffe of Lamley Lodge who departed this life March 27 1792 aged 72"

Thomas (13 Nov 1756 - 17 Dec 1829) married Mary ARNOLD on 20 Nov 1791 at Barrowden and they resided at Lambley Lodge. The family bible (at one time in the possession of Mr Stokes Goodliffe of Old Lambley Lodge - although I do not know where it is today) records the family of Thomas and Mary:

Thomas Goodliff and Mary Arnold was married Nov 20th 1791
Their daughter Elizabeth was born August the 28th 1792
A second daughter was born Oct 11th 1793, died the same day
Thomas was born Oct the 8th 1794
Anna was born Aug the 31st 1796
John Goodliff was born Feb the 23rd 1798>
William Goodliff was born April the 11th 1799 and died April 18th
James Goodliff was born June the 14th 1800
William Goodliff was born June the 20th 1801
Mary Goodliff was born June the 4th 1803
Daniel Goodliff was born July the 5th 1805>
Arnold Goodliff was born May the 23rd 1807
Sarah Goodliff was born Nov 7th 1809>
Thomas Goodliff Jnr died April 18th 1816 aged 21 years
Mary Goodliff died June 29th 1825 aged 22 years

You may click on the highlighted names in the tree or the above list to link to information about each family.

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