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Lottie Isabel CLARK

Lottie was the daughter of William CLARK and his second wife Charlotte VENN.

1831-1899 1831
William CLARK Charlotte VENN
| |
1874 1876-1945 1878-1966
Margaret Lottie Helen
| | |

Some notes about Lottie's life:

1875 Lottie was born in Nottingham on 15th December 1875.
1881 census, aged 5. Living at "Fairlawn", a large property in Cavendish Terrace, The Park, Nottingham (now demolished)
1886 Aged 10. Started school at Nottingham High School
1891 census: aged 15. Living at "One Ash", Edwalton, south of Nottingham.
1894 July. Finished at Nottingham High School
1894 Passed the Higher Certificate of the Oxford and Cambridge Joint Board.
Began study at Cambridge University, attended Newnham College.
1897 Passed Cambridge Historical Tripos Class III.  Was not awarded a degree, as the University had just defeated a proposal to award women degrees.
1898 On 10th January, was appointed to a teaching position at Wakefield High School.
1901 census: elementary school teacher at Wakefield High School
1906 Awarded MA degree from Trinity College, Dublin.
1911 census: boarding at Wakefield Girls' School.
1920 resigned from Wakefield Girls' School
1945 14 May 1945: Died at 18 Mortlake Rd, Kew, Surrey

Nottingham High School: Lottie and her older sister Margaret started at Nottingham High School in January 1886 and continued there until August 1894. Some time before the 1891 census, the family had moved a few miles out of Nottingham, to a large house at Edwalton.  It is about 7-8 km from here to Nottingham High School. The school retains the student records for this time. I am grateful to the Librarian and to the school Archivist: for copying the record for me:

(Click on each line for a larger image)

The School record shows that Lottie was registered as "Charlotte" and was aged 10 at the time.  It shows her attendance for each term from Spring 1886 to leaving at the end of Summer 1894 aged 18. She gained a Nottingham City Council Scholarship worth £35 in year 1, £45 in year 2 and £60 in the 3rd year. She was also awarded a Newnham Exhibition Scholarship wiorth £15. The record also shows her Cambridge degree, Tripos in History, Class III in 1897.

After graduating from Cambridge, Lottie gained a teaching position at Wakefield High School in Yorkshire. This school has also retained its personnel records and was able to provide a copy of Lottie's time there.

This record includes her salary, which started at £180 in 1898, rising to £330 when she left in 1920. She was also paid a bonus of £20 in July 1920.

pay sheet

Although there are no known photographs of the staff of Wakefield Girls' High School at this time, there is one photo, dated 1901, that is connected with the school:

A photograph of Wakefield High School from 1901. Lottie Isabel Clark may be one of the staff in gowns.

I do not know were Lottie went after leaving Wakefield in 1920. She was aged 45, so I assume she took up teaching positions elsewhere. The next information I have on Lottie is her death on 14 May 1945 at 18 Mortlake Rd, Kew, Surrey. This location is close to Kew Gardens, and close to several schools. She may have taught at one of these. Today, 18 Mortlake Rd is part of the playground of Kew College, a school that was established in 1953..

Lottie's death record shows her younger sister Helen as the informant. Helen was living at 65 High St, Hampton. This address is close to Kew.


In 2008 a small silver mug came into my possession, inscribed  "Lottie Isabel Clark on her second birthday". The mug has the hallmarks for Exeter, 1877, jeweler J Whipple & Co. Either it was bought in Exeter as a present, or was sent to a retailer in Nottingham from where William Clark purchased it. The mug was purchased from a local auction in Harrow, north-west London in October 2008. It would be interesting to know of its history from Lottie's death in 1945 onwards. Harrow is about 7 miles north of Kew, so the mug had not travelled far.

The silver mug inscribed for Lottie Isabel Clark on her second birthday

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